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Welcome to 5iveStar Publications

In May 2007 5ive Star Publications was established to give talented authors an alternative to the publication norm. A norm that in the past has not provided a literary platform for authors to showcase their mastery of written word. 5ive Star Publications provides that platform. 5ive Star Publications is dedicated in assisting each author towards excellence by providing quality and personal detail to each project. Our relationship with our writers leads to longevity and prosperity.

Current Releases
Lady Vicious
by: Victoria Vanee' Anderson
Release Date: 04/2010
Entrepreneur II- The Transition
by: Markeise Q. Washington
Release Date: 03/2010
by: Markeise Q. Washington
Release Date: 03/2010
Southside Hustler
by: Rich McLaughlin
Release Date: 02/2009
The Temptation Of Love
by: Amore
Release Date: 01/2011
If I Had A Million Bucks
by: Paula Johnson
Release Date: 12/2012

Upcoming Releases